dpPower – keeping up with the storm ''Gorm''

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The storm Gorm swept through Sweden on November 29, recording wind speeds of more than 32 meters per second eventually categorized as a hurricane.

Users of dpPower could stress test the outage management capabilities of the solution when Gorm showed his strength. Automated web based outage maps, text and emails along with high system performance during peeks of activities are some features that has supported, and been in great help to energy companies restoring and informing around the erupted services. 

News in dpSpatial 7.4

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We are now releasing version 7.4 of dpSpatial. There are over 120 improvements made only in the base platform in this version, see below for some of the highlights. Please also note that Java 8 is required on the clients when upgrading to version 7.4.

  • Plotting has had a major remake in version 7.4. A free plot can now be saved in the database and resused and there are new tools for creating drawing frames and legends. Legends can be placed in drawing frames and in free plot preview. In addition to this, free plots can be saved and reused and they can also be linked to Organizer projects.

  • Some of the export/import news - shape export now includes codelisted texts, user interface for opening attached files as reference files and support for importing Topocad PXY files.

  • Handling of WMS/WFS services have also been improved, there is for example a possibility to create separate nodes and subtrees in the map tab for WMS/WFS and it’s possible to show information about, and zoom to the extent of, a service.

  • There are new functions for defining Z values for geometries, both for setting Z values for points and for interpolating Z values when placing geometries.

  • Functionality to allow multiple selections of codelist values have been developed and is implemented in dpPower Operator in this version (this feature will be used more in other parts of dpSpatial in the future).

  • The User manager has several new features in this version, for example possibilities to create user as a copy and to export user information to different formats.

  • There is now support for multicolored symbols in the symbol editor.

  • And last but not least, we have tuned performance even more, for example by optimizing the tomcat buffer size used at network transfer and by compressing geometries when transferred from the server.

 Please see the Release notes section for version 7.4 under Industries and Products on our web site for more information about these and other news in the base platform and in our applications and modules.

Digpro has signed an agreement with Nettpartner Holding

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Digpro has signed an agreement with Nettpartner Holding regarding delivery of dpPower and dpCom. The mission is a major breakthrough for Digpro in the norwegian market, says Bo Lundgren, CEO of Digpro. Lundgren is very pleased that Nettpartner chose Digpro in severe competition with other suppliers. The Norwegian market requires modern web solutions based on open standards, a requirement that we meet very well

"Nettpartner have as a contractor for the network companies an ambition to streamline the execution of assignments in construction, maintenance and inspection of networks. Digpro industry-leading solutions in design, cost calculations, project management and work order management, combined with a modern platform and innovative thinking, will optimize our work processes - not only internally but also in cooperation with network operators, "says IT manager Per Thomas Indrelid in a comment to the choice of Digpro.



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