Digpro welcome IT Norrbotten as new customer

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IT Norrbotten in the north of Sweden has awarded Digpro a contract for a centralized system that will support the network owners to achieve 100% documented fiber networks. In addition to the documentation the dpCom solution also will support the network owner’s operation with the new and challenging processes that has been required from the Swedish National Post and Telecommunication Authority (PTS). 

The project will start during the summer and the centralized dpCom solution will be operational for some 10 municipalities in the Swedish rural north during the fall of 2016.

Digpro has been awarded a contract from the city of Stockholm, Trafikkontoret

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Digpro has been awarded a contract from the city of Stockholm, Trafikkontoret

Digpro will deliver a IT-based operational support system for the city's outdoor lighting installations during 2016-2017, starting April 1. The system from Digpro will provide Trafikkontoret with operational support for their network of 150,000 light points, 97,000 light poles and 3000 km of cable.

Digpro - GIS-tech for the Smart City 

Digpro deploys dpCom at Fiberstaden

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Fiberstaden in the city of Hudiksvall, nominated to the metro network of the year 2015, has chosen dpCom as preferred system to manage the fiber network life-cycle.

The system will be deployed during 2016 and will be an important part of Fiberstaden's efforts to meet future challenges to urban network owners.


Lunet and dpCom from Digpro

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Digpro has been awarded a contract from Lunet for the NIS/GIS system dpCom. Lunet, a premier fiber-optic network operator in the city of Luleå in Northern Sweden, is choosing dpCom to improve their capabilities to meet challenges for building and densifying the network. dpCom will delivered in the spring of 2016.

For more information about dpCom or Digpro please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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