Sundbybergs Stadsnät increases the control of the fiber network using Digpro

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[Stockholm, Sweden, February 5, 2018.] The innovator in network-based operating systems, Digpro, has been chosen by Sundbybergs Stadsnät, a Swedish municipality’s local fiber network, to provide the geographic information system dpCom. With this solution in place, Sundbybergs Stadsnät will increase its control of the network with improved documentation.

Sweden's most populated municipality, Sundbybergs Stad, offers all its citizens a local, open fiber network via Sundbybergs Stadsnät. The company offers Internet, TV and telephony as well as most broadband services and is available to all residents in the municipality.

In order to increase control and improve the ability to document its fiber network, Sundbybergs Stadsnät has chosen to install Digpro's network-based operating system dpCom.

Digpro´s dpCom is a geographic information system that puts telecom networks on the map. Incorporating comprehensive and modern GIS functionality, dpCom is a fully web-based asset register, including advanced position maps, schematic diagrams, topologies and asset data. Modelling all aspects of optical fiber and copper telecom networks, dpCom's powerful toolbox holds everything from bird-eye views of cable routes, piping and nodes, down to detailed information about fiber information and logical connections.

"We are very pleased that Sundbybergs Stadsnät has chosen our dpCom system to handle and better document its fiber network. Higher demands are made for detailed documentation of all types of networks, so network owners are now looking for solutions that provide them with the tools they need for the documentation to meet these requirements”, said Joel Pirard, Marketing Manager, Digpro.

Digpro develops and delivers sustainable business systems and advice for network owners and public administration in the community infrastructure. Digpro's solutions create community benefits and provide users with increased control and efficient processes that improve the quality of service towards end customers.

Digpro is a major innovator of network and geographic IT operating systems. With its 30 years in the industry, Digpro is a market leader in Scandinavia. Digpro provides solutions for electricity, telecom, gas, district heating, water and state and municipalities - in fact, all organizations that build and maintain different types of networks. Digpro's products enable users to streamline, save time and money while improving the quality of their service.

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For further information, please contact:

Joel Pirard

Marketing Manager, Digpro AB

Phone: +46 (0) 723 88 18 60

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About Digpro

Digpro is a major innovator in the field of Geographic IT and Network Lifecycle Management and market leader in Scandinavia. Digpro develops, markets and supports its own leading geographic information technologies for major industries within electricity, telecommunications (FTTx), gas, district heating, water and central and local government - in fact, anyone who builds and maintains various types of networks.

Digpro has over 30 years experience in GIS technology and Network Lifecycle Management. The company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Among Digpro´s clients and partners you will find: ABB, Göteborgs Energi, E.ON and Stokab to mention a few. Read more at: or on LinkedIn.


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