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[Stockholm, Sweden, May 5, 2017.] Digpro, the major innovator in the field of Geographic IT and Network Lifecycle Management, continues to grow. Now, the company employs Andreas Erkensjö the role as Product Specialist for the GIS-based network information system dpCom.


The innovator Digpro is growing in Swedish market as well as internationally. As the company grows, the company employs new skills to meet the increased demand. Andreas Erkensjö has been hired as the new Product Specialist for the geographic information system dpCom.

Andreas comes from a role as project manager at Eltel Networks where he was responsible for projects regarding network development in telecom to companies and residential areas for five years. Prior to that, Andreas worked as a fiber oriented technician.

As a Product Specialist for dpCom, Andreas will contribute with business skills to further develop the product dpCom. Andreas will continue to lead and participate in customer projects, have customer responsibility as well as keep educational programs and develop educational materials.

"I think it will be fun to start working at Digpro and I see it as an opportunity to further expand my knowledge. It will be exciting to be part of a product that is constantly being developed, where we together with our customers can refine and further develop dpCom", said Andreas Erkensjö, newly appointed Product Specialist for dpCom at Digpro.

dpCom is a geographic information system that puts your telecom network on the map. Incorporating comprehensive and modern GIS functionality, dpCom is a fully web-based asset register, including advanced position maps, schematic diagrams, topologies and asset data.

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For further information, please contact:

Joel Pirard

Marketing Manager, Digpro

Phone: +46 (0) 723 88 18 60

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About Digpro

Digpro is a major innovator in the field of Geographic IT and Network Lifecycle Management and market leader in Scandinavia. Digpro develops, markets and supports its own leading geographic information technologies for major industries within electricity, telecommunications (FTTx), gas, district heating, water and central and local government - in fact, anyone who builds and maintains various types of networks.

Digpro has over 30 years experience in GIS technology and Network Lifecycle Management. The company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Among Digpro´s clients and partners you will find: ABB, Göteborgs Energi, E.ON and Stokab to mention a few. Read more at: or on LinkedIn.


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