dpCom is a geographic information system that puts your telecom network on the map. Incorporating comprehensive and modern GIS functionality, dpCom is a fully web-based asset register, including advanced position maps, schematic diagrams, topologies and asset data.

The powerful toolbox

Modeling all aspects of optical fiber and copper telecom networks, dpCom's powerful toolbox holds everything from bird-eye views of cable routes, piping and nodes, down to detailed information about fiber information and logical connections.

Designed and developed for municipal and investor owned network operators, contractors, and consultants dpCom supports and strengthens key processes such as

  • Planning and design- Testing design scenarios from a cost-benefit perspective, support for budgeting, tender and procurement processes.
  • Construction- dpCom provides a wide range of technical working documents such as splicing diagrams, network layouts, auto-generated connection reports, and more. Throughout the construction phase dpCom offers powerful tools for project and workflow management.
  • Provisioning- Work orders for CPE installation and fiber connection, and interface to business support systems.
  • Operations- Update of network documentation, error analysis and geographic fault pin-pointing. Employs advance tracing tools for disruption management and customer & facility localization.
  • Maintenance- Inspection entries, update of equipment status, with optional mobile solutions.
  • dpCom Designer » : A project management tool for network planning and design


To meet the many challenging tasks involved in building and managing complex telecom networks, dpCom makes use of model rules, automatically generated network schematics and a dedication to user-friendly solutions - empowering casual map readers and advanced network users alike.

Owing to its intuitive, web-enabled interface and advanced authority management, the network owner can give access to critical data to anyone who needs it, regardless if it is in-house or outsourced users. And like the other applications within Digpro's GIS/NIS range, dpCom is based on open GIS standards, enabling easy visualization, import and export of industry standard geographic data.

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