Digpro GIS Platform

Management of spatial information is our main expertise, and the foundation of our business. We call it Geographic Information Technology, or Geographic IT. To use spatial information in more than a visual manner, it must be organized and stored the same way as other business data.

Platform for geographic data

With Digpro GIS platform we can achieve more in terms of flexibility, integration and transparency within the public sector, both within traditional map production and new service-based methods for data exchange.

Key features in Digpro GIS Platform:
● A unified information and data model for different operations within the organization
● Software for measuring, mapping and GIS-activities
● Integration with other operation systems
● Integration with map services such as WMS, KML and WFS
● Security solutions at different levels
● Support for users


Applications and modules for map related areas:

dpMap » - Map production and updating
dpMap Planning » - Map support for the entire planning process

dpMap Geo Service Platform- Service platform for spatial data services
dpWebMap- map client for integrations and citizen web

Digpro GIS Platform, specially developed applications:

GAD- Geographic Asset Database for the Swedish Transport Administration
Construction Work Web- Coordination of construction work
dpAlarm (Helios)- Fire Department/Rescue Services

All applications and modules use the same basic technology for database, web-based clients and services for data exchange.