dpGas offers a completely new way of managing gas distribution networks, this by focusing on the fact that the network is best visualized through maps. With this mindset, maps become more than just locations, they become active asset registers with advanced topological functionalities.

Fully web-anabled interface


Through the fully web-enabled interface everyone in the organization can access any data needed to perform their mission, regardless if it is operation, planning, maintenance, customer service or documentation. It also offers great flexibility since it also allows external resources to work efficiently directly on the same data as in-house resources. dpGas is divided into:

dpGas (base module): A complete web-based asset register, including maps, topologies and asset data
dpGas Analyzer » : A fully integrated network calculation tool
dpGas Designer » : A project management tool for network planning and design
dpGas Maintainer » : A maintenance planning tool for inspection planning, execution and follow-up
dpGas Operator » : A trouble call and outage management tool

All modules use the same network data, the same web-based user interface and the same maps.

dpGas is the base module for asset documentation. Due to the fully web-enabled and advanced authority management, the network owner can give access to data to anyone who needs it, regardless if it is in-house or outsourced users. No other GIS application is needed, all data entry can be done through the web interface. This does not only save money upfront on licenses, it dramatically simplifies system maintenance.

dpGas includes a quality assurance algorithm with consistency checks that, e.g., prevents the user from connecting together different pressures by mistake. This secures the system for advanced functions for network calculation (Analyzer), project planning (Designer), Maintenance (Maintainer) and outage management (Operator). This solves a classical problem for gas distribution. Now finally GIS data meet the quality standards needed for advanced network planning and operation.

dpGas includes functions for data entry, maps, printing and plotting, tracing, import and export, coordinate transformation and report management.

For more information on this product please contact:

Dan Englund

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.