Varbergsortens Elkraft:
A small company with high demands for IT

Varbergsortens Elkraft is an economic association that supplies electricity to 10 500 customers in the municipality of Varberg. The company early realized the benefits of having a modern, web-based IT solution for their network documentation, and was one of the first dpPower customers.

Digpros solution

Varbergsortens Elkraft operates the main processes in Digpros solutions, from planning and design, to maintenance and outage management. The system is used by a total of 25 employees, from engineers to customer support. The systems are integrated with each other and also with external systems. Each day, the data is automatically transferred from the ERP system to dpPower for the most up-to-date customer information.

The result

dpPower has streamlined much of the processes of Varbergsortens Elkraft and the detailed network information has led to a more effective maintenance of the network, and also less and significantly shorter outages.