Göteborg Energi: Improved efficiency with an integrated system

Göteborg Energi supplies electricity, district heating, cooling, gas - and telecommunication services to a total of 300 000 customers in Gothenburg. The use of many different systems made it difficult to get a good overview of the network information, current operating mode and current projects. To improve the workflow in the various processes they needed an integrated system for all utilities.

Digpros solution

Digpro offered a complete solution for all utilities with the following functionality:

  • Network documentation - maps, topologies, asset register
  • Network calculations - calculations, analysis, reports and statistics
  • Project management - planning, design, material processing
  • Maintenance - inspection management, monitoring
  • Outage management
  • The result

    The project resulted in a web-based system for all utilities, which also supports mobile solutions, with the same database for GIS (maps), networks (topologies) and asset register. It allows an easy distribution of information throughout the organization internally and to customers through the customer portal. The detailed information also satisfies the regulatory- and industrial requirements. The objectives of the NIS project were achieved by providing a unified IT environment with a better overview of all utilities, and the entire workflow from planning to maintenance. An easier and more effective documentation, operation and maintenance, also leads to improved efficiency in work processes and reduces the vulnerability of the organization.