E.ON: from a jungle to one integrated platform

E.ON Sweden has a power distribution network nationwide and also provides power production, gas and district heating/cooling. The Eldorado project needed to fully integrate 19 grid companies, 4-5 different GIS, 12 SCADA systems and 5 dispatch centres into one E.ON grid for Sweden.

Digpro’s solution

Facilplus with Oracle Spatial and web clients introduced a new common NIS and SCADA system integrated with SAP. The total solution achieved its objective of one single entry point for all data for all systems! And it was quick and easy to find information.

A good result that improves with age

This resulted in reduced costs for network operations and savings due to common, streamlined work processes. Large upgrades and new functionality occur 2-3 times a year. The district heating network has migrated to a dpSpatial solution, as well as inspection data from SAP mobile.