What we do

Turn on a light in Sweden and most likely there’s a Digpro solution somewhere behind the network that gets the electricity to you. We do the same for many other utilities; yet as a consumer, our solutions are invisible to you. But what we do is crucial to the effective planning and maintenance of major networks that we all depend on every day.

We solve problems

We are the people at the forefront of Geographic Information Technology. We find new ways to make geographical data work harder. We enable improvements in industries and public authorities. We create savings that have real value for everyone. What we do is important, challenging and innovative.

We make other organizations better

As a client, you may know us already as the people behind Facilplus and many other products. You may be working with our solutions on a daily basis to plan network services at a national or municipal level. Or maybe you use our services to help your organization make better decisions and take faster actions.


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