Our history is the same as GIS technologies in general; we have grown as the technology has grown. And we have experienced many things along the way, seeing our leading-edge technology provide what once no-one thought was possible. Looking back, we can see that the common values have always been teamwork, flexibility and openness.

We grew up on power

Digpro has been in the business for more than 30 years and part of our company has a background in ABB, a global leader in the power industry. Our competence in the power industry led to helping all other kinds of networks. Now our role is rather essential in building modern societies that function efficiently and maintaining the networks central to a city or community.

Where to next?

So here we are today; the market-leaders in Scandinavia and seen by many as the major innovator in the field of Geographic Information Technology. We’ll be continuing our international expansion and playing our part in these interesting times. Networks will continue to converge, databases will get even smarter and the right kind of information will make everyone’s life a little easier.