Digpro has signed an agreement with Nettpartner Holding

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Digpro has signed an agreement with Nettpartner Holding regarding delivery of dpPower and dpCom. The mission is a major breakthrough for Digpro in the norwegian market, says Bo Lundgren, CEO of Digpro. Lundgren is very pleased that Nettpartner chose Digpro in severe competition with other suppliers. The Norwegian market requires modern web solutions based on open standards, a requirement that we meet very well

"Nettpartner have as a contractor for the network companies an ambition to streamline the execution of assignments in construction, maintenance and inspection of networks. Digpro industry-leading solutions in design, cost calculations, project management and work order management, combined with a modern platform and innovative thinking, will optimize our work processes - not only internally but also in cooperation with network operators, "says IT manager Per Thomas Indrelid in a comment to the choice of Digpro.

News in dpSpatial 7.0

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We are now releasing version 7.0 of dpSpatial. There are as many as 115 improvements just in the base platform with new and enhanced functions, better performance, support for export/import of new formats  and an improved user interface. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Export to spreadsheet now creates real excel files and therefore no longer shows any warnings about file format.
  • It is possible to mark a login message as urgent and thus broadcast the message to the application window for all users currently running dpSpatial applications.
  • There is a new function to place temporary coordinate texts in the map.
  • It is now possible to, as an alternative to copy/paste objects, copy attributes from one object to other existing objects of the same type. This is done by selecting the objects to update and then pasting.
  • Area searches in the query tool now have the same look and feel between the query and report tabs - a standardized user interface with a checkbox to activate area search and three buttons with the options: within active view (default), within an area defined from an existing area object and within a polygon drawn by the user.
  • A new function for filtering displayed rows in columns is available in some admin tools in this version, such as the codelist manager and the drawing attribute tool, and will hopefully make life easier for the system administrator.
  • User accounts can, since version 6.8, be managed in dpSpatial instead of using the admin tools in Oracle. In 7.0 new features have been added, such as settings for allowed number of failed login attempts, possibility to delete users with changesets and new search functions in the tool.
  • Since version 6.8 it is possible for users to decide, and save settings for, what to do with files created from dpSpatial, open them directly or save to file. In version 7.0 this feature has been implemented in more applications and there is also a new tab in the settings dialog to manage these settings per file type.

Read more about these and many other news of the base platform in the Base Platform Release Notes 7.0  and find out more about the news in all applications and modules here.

Kalix municipality chooses dpCom

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Kalix municipality and Digpro have signed a contract to implement dpCom. Delivery of the system will take place during the fall 2014.

Digpro has signed an agreement with Sollentuna municipality

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Digpro have signed an agreement with Sollentuna municipality to implement a system for up-dating primary maps and distribution of GIS data. The contract includes software licenses and implementation projects.

News in dpSpatial 6.8

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Since a few weeks we have started to deliver version 6.8 of dpSpatial. After version 6.6 we have made approximately 90 improvements of the base platform that are big enough to be mentioned in the release notes (and many other which are not mentioned). There are also a number of enhancements and corrections made to the different applications and modules, see release notes for each product/modul (some of them only in Swedish). Here are a few of the highlights in the base platform:

  • From version 6.8 it is possible to create and manage dpSpatial user accounts from within the application, i.e. it is not necessary to create end user accounts in Oracle any more.
  • The graphical user interface has been updated in this version, menus, buttons, scroll bars, combo boxes and many other graphical elements have been given a more modern look.
  • The small additional cursor icons appended to the pointer,to indicate the currently selected tool, that were introduced for "Show/change attribute" in version 6.6 have now been implemented for most toolbar functions.The aim is to give the user better feed-back on the active tool or function.
  • A new selection tool (select with dialog) makes it easy to select objects based on object type, object subtype, component type or a combination of these.
  • Changes in the changeset are now displayed in a way that makes it easier to understand what has been done. The changes are grouped into Created objects, Changed objects, Deleted objects and Created and deleted objects.
  • We have made performance improvements on the server side function for getting object information which means that getting related object and loading tooltips are faster and we have also removed an obstacle that made tracing slower than it had to be.


To read more about these news and many other news in the base platform click here! To find out more about the news in all applications and modules on our web site click here!


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